My name is Paul Starr.

Here are some things I have done.

☀️ = day job

🌘 = moonlighting

💖 = love of the game

🕸 = made this web site

...as a programmer. ⬇︎


Serifu is a markup language for authoring and manipulating comic book scripts as structured data. It was developed from the perspective of manga translation but is applicable to writing a script for any sort of sequential art. In addition to the bare parser, I've written a browser-based editor and a plugin for Adobe InDesign.💖


A web app that generates and displays absurd demographic segments and occasional bits of eerie truth. Visitors can click on the ones they identify with, and see a list of all the VALUABLE SEGMENTS other users have identified with. 💖🕸

Continent Clicker

This is a p5.js-based tool for sketching out map shapes using noise gradients and Voronoi cells. "Weirdly satisfying," raves a buddy of mine. 💖🕸

Quad Boids

An implementation of a classic swarming simulation, with pretty colors and a quadtree-based optimization that keeps the simulation running nicely even with thousands of swarming entities. 💖🕸

Manga Lettering Scripts for InDesign

This are a small collection of scripts written in Adobe's JavaScript dialect, ExtendScript. They automate various tasks common to lettering manga in InDesign, and have saved me a lot of time. ☀️

Unicode Text Transformer

This is a silly web toy that abuses unicode to produce styled text from a given plain text input. 💖🕸

...as an editor. ⬇︎

Kodansha Comics

As an editor at Kodansha Comics, I helped bring manga (you know, Japanese comics) to the English-speaking world. I doubt there's another job in the world where I'd get to think about anachronistic cusses, moiré issues in screen-toned shading, and the exigencies of a multi-national approvals process in the same day. From 2016-2019 I worked on wonderful books with a great team and it was just the best. ☀️

Yen Press

From 2014-2016, my perversely impractical graduate degree in Japanese Literature found application outside academia as an editor on the Yen On light novel imprint. If I'd been told as a grad student that this was a job a person could actually have, I would have laughed. ☀️

The Sockdolager

I founded and edited The Sockdolager, a quarterly zine of genre fiction. From 2013 to 2017 I lost money and gained friends in the process of publishing some very good short science fiction and fantasy. 💖

PiQ Magazine

PiQ Magazine was surely the only publication likely to cover obscure indie manga releases next to features on the nascent roller derby scene next to introductions to LARPing next to complaints about the Coachella lineup. There wasn't anything else remotely like it back in 2007, and there hasn't been since. ☀️

...as a translator. ⬇︎

Moriking and Me & Roboco

I currently translate these two comedy manga series for Weekly Shonen Jump. They're delightfully silly and, as writing meant to be funny always is, a constant challenge to work on. ☀️

Sound! Euphonium

Ayano Takeda's charming novel about kids in a Kyoto high school concert band trying to live up to their ambitions. ☀️

Haruhi Suzumiya

Nagaru Tanigawa's genre-bending story of paranormal self-discovery. Imagine if Haruki Murakami wrote YA and you're most of the way there. ☀️

Spice and Wolf

Isuna Hasekura's rigorously thought-out economic intrigue is the icing on the cake on the cake of this sentimental, slice-of-life fantasy series. ☀️

Nintendo Magic

Osamu Inoue's Nintendo Magic: Winning the Video Game Wars is one of a very small handful of authoritative glimpses into the inner workings of Nintendo. ☀️

...as a writer. ⬇︎

Disk Horse

An honest-to-god blog, with links + commentary and sporadic exercises in personal and topical essaying. 💖🕸

Southwestern Molybdenum Supply

Short experiments in weird prose, along with an experiment in weird web “design”. 💖🕸


A short fantasy story about paleolithic people in a fantastical ecosystem. It was published in Mirror Dance Fantasy. 🌘

Never Touch the Stuff

A short science fiction story (not freely available on the web, unfortunately) about mind-controlling advertising and breakups, published in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine. 🌘

InDesign ExtendScript for Manga Publishing in English

This is a piece on the Adobe Tech blog about scripts I wrote to automate some of the drudgery involved in laying out English editions of Japanese comics in InDesign. 💖

...as a... musician...? ⬇︎

All The Music I've Ever Done

This is a big zip archive of all the music I'd ever made through 2014 or so. It comes with liner notes where I ruthlessly rate all my shit from 1-5 stars, and it holds up pretty well as a document of my "creative" "process." 🌘

The Classroom EP

This EP is the result of a six-month course Electronic Music Composition I took at the Dubspot school in NYC. 💖

Indigo Heir

This song is included in All The Music I've Ever Done, but by virtue of appearing on the coloUrs and mayhem Homestuck soundtrack it's by a huge factor the most listened-to piece of music I've ever made. 🌘

Novembeat 2018

I set the goal of making a piece of music every day in November 2018, and got 22 short pieces out of the attempt. 💖